Vision Greater Palm Springs - 2018

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Greater Palm Springs Vision 2018


Innovators and entrepreneurs seek Greater Palm Springs to realize their dreams and enjoy the California lifestyle. Come experience the region's can-do spirit, revel in the opportunities, and make yourself at home.

The Sky's the Limit
Pioneers of modern architecture, fashion, industrial design, and entertainment found inspiration in the wide-open desert.

Our Place in the Sun
These innovative thinkers could launch their ideas almost anyplace, but they chose Greater Palm Springs.

Build It and They Will Stay
Colleges are expanding their campuses and academic offerings to meet the need for a diverse workforce.


Meet the Market
They work in a variety of industries and come from around the country. They are leaders making a difference in Greater Palm Springs.

  • Linda Evans,
    Lisa Wilson, and
    Cathy O'Callaghan
  • Scott Aaronson
  • Kersteen Anderson
  • Agustin Aragon
  • David Brinkman
  • Joshua Cartter
  • Steve Cenicola
  • Kenneth Churchill
  • Chris Clapinski
  • Denise DuBarry-Hay
  • Jeff L. Grubbe
  • Nicholas Hertneck and Lawrence Lazzaro
  • Timothy Jochen
  • Rob Kleinschmidt
  • Shelly-Anne Myrie-Lindo
  • Barry Nadeau
  • Josh Otten and Josh Paquette
  • Vee Sotelo
  • Kelly Steward
  • Sheila Thornton
  • Denise Wilson
  • Jeff Witthuhn
  • Danny Zhou


Nine Great Cities
Here's a closer look at the nine distinctive, business-friendly cities of Greater Palm Springs.

Major roads and points of interest.