Palm Springs Life Magazine September 2010 (Hardbound)

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On The Cover - Bear Creek Oasis Trail (with Ocotillo), March 25, 2010. Photographer Tom Brewster explored this trail on the suggestion of Santa Rosa & San Jacinto Mountains National Monument Manager Jim Foote. He was aiming for a shot of the pyramid-shaped peak in La Quinta cove when he came upon this ocotillo.


The Road to Fame and Fortune
By Greg Archer. Photography by Mark Davidson.
Historic images courtesy Palm Springs Historical Society
Stars and "starchitects" made Palm Springs the grandest of A-list party pads. Follow us for an eye-popping tour of some iconic celebrity houses.

Into the Wild
By Ann Japenga. Photography by Tom Brewster.
Cradling the desert valley, the Santa Rosa and San Jacinto mountains offer a rich history, a bright future, and awesome experiences for those who hike their trails.


Publisher's Letter
By Milton W. Jones

Nirvana For Shoppers
Distinctive destinations offer a variety of prime finds.

A Valley of Art
Look inside to see some of the desert's world-class beauty.

Ready, Set ... Relax
Try an innovative spa treatment to rejuvenate your spirit.

By Sherryl Nova.
Expect a shakeup in the status quo.


Desert Guide
Edited by Mona de Crinis.
The official guidebook of the Palm Springs Desert Resort Communities Convention and Visitors Authority. Everything you need to know about what's happening in the desert.