Palm Springs Life Magazine October 2013

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ON THE COVER - Daryl Hannah. Photography by Timothy White.


Daryl's Web
By Ashley L. Breeding. Photography by Timothy White.
Actress-turned-activist Daryl Hannah has a call to action for the Southern California Energy Summit.

Land of Plenty
By Ann Japenga. Photography by Millicent Harvey.
The vast farmlands of the Coachella Valley pack economic muscle - and a beautiful attraction for residents and visitors.

The Do-Gooders
By Steven Biller. Photography by Julie Brothers.
In their business and personal lives, Jim Burba and Bob Hayes stand out by standing up to help others.

New Attitude
By Lawrence Karol. Photography by Raymond Shadman.
Back on tour with his Sunshine Band, KC enjoys relaxing time out with his desert friends.

Pioneers & Influencers
By Sheila Grattan.
Photography courtesy Palm Springs Historical Society and Palm Springs Life archives.
Meet the visionaries who shaped the history - and the future - of Palm Springs.


Editor's Letter
By Steven Biller.
Progress begins with people.

The Front
Edited by Ashley Breeding.
- Style
This timepiece was made for men of luxury and adventure.
- Nature
The Mountain Fire instilled fear and wonder in the desert valley.
- Home
A calculated meeting of beauty and function.
- Epicure
Chef Eric Wadlund says cooking for President Obama was a career highlight.
- Cameo
J.J. Virgin says you can feel healthier by eating a diet of non-processed foods.

By Ellen Paris.
Same-sex couples should consider their financial status in the wake of DOMA's demise.

Market Watch
By Vic Cooper and Mike McDonald.
Prices increase with demand for Coachella Valley homes.

The Social Life
By Gloria Greer.
Parties, fundraisers, galas, and other social events.

By Sherryl Nova.
How to navigate October's strange energy.


Coachella Valley Vision
Edited by Steven Biller.
How to invest, grow, and thrive in business in Greater Palm Springs.

McCallum Theatre Program
Edited by Carolyn Patten.
The season begins at the desert's premier performing arts venue.

The Guide
Edited by Joan McKenna.
The official guidebook of the Greater Palm Springs Convention and Visitors Bureau. Everything you need to know about what's happening in the desert.