Palm Springs Life Magazine October 2008

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How Green Is Our Valley?
By Jeffrey Crider and Whitney Youngs.
A survey of eco-minded initiatives reveals our desert communities' commitment to sustainable living. Plus: Go green at home.

State of the Art
By Steven Biller. Photography by Elena Ray.
On a mission to become great, Palm Springs Art Museum has reappeared in the constellation of Southern California museums.

Shhh! Are You Kidding?
By Ellen Paris. Photography by Kyle Martin.
With innovative cultural offerings that include music, cooking, and art, libraries across the desert are attracting eager new members.


By Janice Kleinschmidt, Jeffrey Crider, and Scott Brassart.
The valley's five women mayors; high scores for young readers; bucking the real estate trend on the high end. Plus: Intelligencer and Word Association.

In Store
By Sarah Reiss.
Show your environmentally friendly side whether at home or out and about.

By Pat Deveraux. Photography by Andrew Yeadon.
With the subtlety of a cluster bomb, the Aston Martin DBS gets you there in sound style.

By Janice Kleinschmidt.
Western states face each other in a pinot noir showdown.

Sand to Sea
By Gloria Greer.
The social circuit.

By Sherryl Nova.
Truth lies ahead.


By Bob Marra.
Coachella Valley remains a bright spot (mostly), weathering the ills of a national economic down-turn. Plus: a city-by-city overview of progress.

McCallum Theatre Program
Fall of 2008

Desert Guide
Edited by Kelly O'Connor.
The official guidebook of the Palm Springs Desert Resorts Convention and Visitors Authority. Everything you need to know about what's happening in the desert.