Palm Springs Life Magazine May 2017

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Palm Springs Life - May 2017

The Real Estate Issue


Desert Dreamers
They didn't see emptiness. They only saw possibility. These dreamers are reponsible for creating this paradise.
By Maggie Downs

The Greening of My Valley
2016 was legendary, but 2011 was the absolute pits. Has real estate in the Coachella Valley finally recovered?
By Mona de Crinis

Rotten Ham and Bare Butts
The local real estate game sometimes means taking the bad with the weird. And there's no shortage of weird.
By Alice Short

The Ford Escape
How President Gerald Ford and Betty Ford's home was honored by its inheritors.
By Kent Black
Photographs by Dan Chavkin

Editor's Letter

PSL Connect

111 EAST

ARCHITECTURE The Road to Recovery
From John Lautner's Elrod House to his top-of-the-hill estate for Bob Hope, residences along Southridge Drive regain their luster.
By Janice Kleinschmidt

BEAUTY Beauty Rx
Facial care sometimes calls for emergency treatment. Stat!
By Wendy Duren

TV Flipped Out
Behind the scenes with Lindsey and Eric Bennett of HGTV's Desert Flippers.
By Emily Chavous

111 WEST

FOOD The True Opium of the Masses
Joshua Tree residents who live there may not be all there, but they sure as hell know a good pie when they see one.
By Lizbeth Scordo

DRINK Sipping on Sunshine
Let these beers put spring in your step.
By Erin Peters

Edited by Susan Stein

By Sheryl Nova


The Guide
Edited by Kent Black

Coldwell Banker

2017 Women In Business Honorees

On The Cover:
Photograph by Bill Diodato