Palm Springs Life Magazine June 2016

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On The Cover:
Watermelon photographed by Fredrik Broden.

The Out-of-Towners
By Patti Myers
Every once in a while, even we who live in this desert paradise must have a taste of the other oases.


Nelda Linsk, Then and Now
By David Lansing
Long before the 1980s anthem, a young woman and her Racquet Club crowd showed the world that girls just want to have fuuuuuun!

Desert Love Fest
By Emily Rapp Black
At Fashion Week El Paseo, the normally competitive industry goes collegial, and consumers get to feel the love.

The Swimmer
Photographs By Fredrik Broden
He believed a waterway of swimming pools would guide him home.

Top Lawyers
Intro by Kent Black
All the jokes about lawyers are pretty funny. Until you need one. When you do, these are proven winners.

111 EAST

DESIGN: Masses Appeal
By Raoul Haussman
For 50 years, in the middle of the 20th century, Denmark turned out beautiful furniture for working people. Once again, the pieces are in high demand and with commensurate prices.

BEAUTY: Hot, New, Now
By Wendy Duren
Don't pretend. We know you want it.

HOME: Welcome Back
By R. Daniel Foster; Photographs by Neil Husvar
A lot of valley residences sit vacant for extended periods, but they still require attention. The personal concierge is at your service.

111 WEST

FOOD: Shall I Eat a Peach?
By Neal Turnage; Photographs by Neil Husvar
Stone fruit is the pits. And that's a good thing.

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Edited by Lisa Marie Hart.

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Legal Eagles:
The Top 114 Coachella Valley Lawyers