Palm Springs Life Magazine June 2002

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ON THE COVER - Mickey Spillane, appears at this month's Palm Springs FilmNoir Festival. From the looks of things, he sure knows how to attract a crowd. Photo by Kate Phillips.


Murder On The Fairway
By Stewart Weiner. Photography by David Glomb.
When Richard Neutra's priceless creation in Rancho Mirage was torn down in April, the rest of the world asked: Are we aware of our heritage here? The fallout from the tear down.

Jury Duty: Interview with Mickey Spillane
By Allison Block. Photography by Kate Phillips.
The hardboiled detective novelist will make a special appearance in the desert for the Palm Springs FilmNoir Festival June 6-9. Don't expect hearts and flowers.

Cast In Death
By Arthur Lyons. Photography by Ethan Kaminsky.
Bernardo Gouthier appeared to have it all: looks, money, background, artistic talent. Read about the murder of the founder of the La Quinta Sculpture Park.

Diamonds Can Be Rough
By Alex McCullough. Photography by Ethan Kaminsky.
Who killed jeweler Charles Naywert? Why? After nearly 20 years nobody can come up with a credible answer. But the file is still open...

Gang-Related Activity
By Estelle Shanley. Photo manipulation by Dan Irvine.
Remember the great "pyramid scheme" of 1996 wherein local heavies ended up in the newspaper headlines and subject of a grand jury investigation? No? Good!