Palm Springs Life Magazine July 2000

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ON THE COVER - Who is this beautiful woman on our cover? And why do we think she's beautiful? The who is easy: It's Sabrina Dubyak, this year's reigning Mrs. U.S. Globe, who will be here in the desert to hand over her crown on July 15 at the Westin Mission Hills Resort pageant. Why is she so beautiful? Is it her perfect features and shape? Or is it her honesty, her candor, her charm and wit? That's certainly one conclusion you can reach after reading her interview that starts on page 26. Photography by Ethan Kaminsky.


Face Value
By Allison Block. Photography by Ethan Kaminsky.
Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder but new research reveals that most beholders not only agree on what is beautiful but, even more depressing, that beautiful people live better lives. Also meet Sabrina Dubyak, last year's winner of the Mrs. U.S. Globe who will be in the desert this month to hand over the crown to her successor at the pageant at Westin Mission Hills Resort. The wrap-up also includes some essays from staffers on the subject.

Pushing All Our Buttons
By Tony Merchell. Photography by David Glomb.
A look inside the McCulloch home, one of Palm Springs' classically gimmicky Fifties houses where the owners motorized even the cocktail bar and the lounges around the pool.


The 2000-2001 Professional Services Directory
The complete cosmetic surgery guide; how one writer lost 65 pounds laughing all the way; tax dangers for snowbirds; the true costs of assisted living; and the lowdown on prenuptial agreements. Plus our list of doctors, lawyers and financial gurus.