Palm Springs Life Magazine January 2016 (Ronan)

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ON THE COVER - Saoirse Ronan. It won't be long before everyone can pronounce her name. Photography courtesy of Arts + Commerce.


Behind Blue Eyes
By Brantley Bardin.
When you were Saoirse Ronan's age, you were probably searching for yourself. At 21, she's never been lost.

By Raoul Hausmann.
The holiday is a conjurer's confection. The feast it celebrates is the real and substantial deal.

Rock Around the Clock
By Maggie Downs.
In winter, a different kind of snowbird flocks to the desert to pursue its passion.

La Ronde Dans La Cabana
Photography by Fredrik Broden.
It's time to change partners. Again.

111 EAST
Edited By Arianna Menon.

Northern Lights
By Kent Black.
The man known to Danes as PH is to light fixtures what Edison was to the light bulb.

Youth Be Told
By Arianna Menon.
Director Andrew Cividino's first feature comes to the Palm Springs International Film Festival.

Fundamentally Sound
By Wendy Duren.
The right foundation is a beautiful thing.

Look Homeward, Mr. Wexler
By Madeline Ewles.
The original Wexler family residence is now for sale after an award-winning renovation.

111 WEST

Nos Amis Les Francais
By Kent Black.
Some people would consider appetizers the opening act. At Le Vallauris, they almost steal the show.

Cocktail Noir
By Lisa Marie Hart.
I was a dame with a deep thirst. I needed a dark bar on a sunny day, and my usual sources weren't talking.


Editor's Letter
and our contributors.


From club openings to black tie galas, PSL is always on the scene.

By Sheryl Nova.


Edited by Lisa Marie Hart.

Dine Out
Edited by Kent Black.

McCallum Theatre Program
Edited by Ellen Alperstein.

The Guide
Edited by Arianna Menon.