Palm Springs Life Magazine January 2000

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ON THE COVER - Bob Hope had to yell and scream to get his first screen test. And boy did he stink! Lucky for us he overcame the initial bad notices and went on to create a filmography still as fresh and funny today as when it was created. Prodigal daughter Jill Borak returns to PSL with this entertaining story. Welcome back!


Thanks for the Movies
by Jill Borak
Movie memorabilia from Steve Kiefer, Hollywood Memories. Sure, Bob Hope was a great TV star and a gifted vaudevillian but don't discount his movies, some of the funniest moments ever committed to film. Pretty amazing considering his initial lousy screen test. A funny, warm tribute.

Desert Cultures
By Susie Coelho Photography by David Glomb.
Ms. Coelho shares her secrets for incorporating one's life, background and culture into interior design.

Building A Reputation
By Stewart Williams as told to Hal Meltzer. Photography by Julius Shulman.
Williams, at 90, looks back at an amazing career in architecture in Palm Springs, from building Frank Sinatra's Twin Palms home to his latest triumph: the recent addition to his own graceful Palm Springs Desert Museum. His frank comments make great reading.

Fashion: Playing a Round
Photography by Stephan Brown.
The beautiful Hope Chrysler Classic "girls" take up the game of golf. In style.


The Palm Springs Desert Resorts Convention and Visitors Authority's Year 2000 Desert Golf & Tennis Guide
All of the golf courses and tennis courts in the valley, arranged by area from the East Valley to the Central Valley to the West Valley. Includes valuable information on tee times, avails and prices as well as a roundup of legends of desert golf and tips to get the family playing.

Year 2000 Desert Dining Guide
Every restaurant in the valley is listed here, by location, by price. Read how restaurants are using art to improve the ambience of your meal. And load up on those appetizers; we spot a trend.