Palm Springs Life Magazine December 1997

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ON THE COVER - In a sparkling parody of the classic Norman Rockwell painting, T. Boyer shows Walk Disney and his true alter ego. The painting is on display at Walk Disney Hall at the exclusive Smoke Tree Ranch.


When the Desert Was Disney's Land
By Allene Arthur.
It was bibbity-bobbity-boo-ful in the desert when Walt Disney came to town. How he lived, what he played and how he tried to get local investors for his wild idea: a futuristic amusement park!

Can't Live Without You
Compiled by Karen Oppenheim. Illustrations by Gus de Guzman.
What's your favorite frock? Any clothes that make you feel special? We asked around town. The answers may surprise.

Palm Springs Life's Impossibly Upscale Holiday Gift Guide
Shopping by Sarah Hagerty.
Once again we leap over the wall of sensible consumption into another world altogether. Would you believe your own floating condo?

God's Properties
By Stewart Weiner.
Some of the best architectural work being done in the desert is in the name of the Lord. We visit some startling examples.

Fashion with a Mission
Photography by Teke.
Monterey bay: A beautiful place to live, certainly. And from the looks of these clothes, an incredible place to shop.


1997 Diners Club Matches Program
This year's Matches features the finest in team match-play with representatives from all of the PGA Tours. The program offers a peek at the exclusive Jack Nicklaus Private Course.