Palm Springs Life Magazine August 2016

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Bikini Birthday
This year marks the itsy bitsy bathing suit's 70th year. Find more swim suit facts on Page 47.


Desert Prophet
By Lisa Marie Hart
Where did he come from, and how did William F. Cody blaze the way in Palm Springs for so many midcentury architects who followed?

Well Suited
Photographs by Fredrik Brodén
Styled by Neil Cohen

In the hard heat of summer when you want to wear as little as possible, swimwear is a girl's best friend.

111 EAST

POOLS: The Wet Look
By Raoul Hausmann
Pool fashion isn't only about what you wear to swim. It's also about where you do it. Palm Springs has witnessed every trend in swimming pools, from the Roman-inspired rectangle to the 1970s grotto with cascading waterfall.

BEAUTY: Ready for Your Close-Up?
By Wendy Duren
Photograph by Antonio Terro
From precious metals to snail slime, facial masks are adventures of the elemental kind.

CAMEO: Brooke Hodge
Interview by Lisa Marie Hart
The Palm Springs Art Museum's newly anointed director of architecture is further proof that the world's best and brightest are coming to our doorstep.

111 WEST

FOOD: Cold Gold
By Ellen Alperstein
Photographs by Misha Gravenor

The noble Hawaiian heritage of Lappert's Ice Cream gives its desert provider leverage to expand his fun food fortune.

Editor's Letter
and our contributors

PSL Connect

From the United Way's Desert Gala to Dine Out for Ecuador, shots of those out and about.

By Sheryl Nova


The Guide
Edited by Patricia Myers
The Official Guidebook of the Greater Palm Springs Convention and Visitors Bureau.

On The Cover:
Photography by Fredrik Brodén.

Palm Springs Life Magazine August 2016