Palm Springs Life Magazine August 2015

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ON THE COVER - Jackson, our Cutest Pet Contest winner. Photography by Andy Stolarek, Furtographs.


It's a Wonderful Life
Photography by Andy Stolarek, Furtographs.
Cutest Pet Contest winner Jackson frolics with his adopted family by the fairways of Mission Hills Country Club.

Leaders of the Pack
By Suzy Fincham-Gray. Photography by Elena Ray.
The Palm Springs Animal Shelter's innovative policies reflect the growing valleywide movement to become a "no-kill" community.

Sleeping, Creeping, and Leaping
By Lisa Marie Hart. Photography by Millicent Harvey.
Mary Brent and Martin Wehrli began cultivating their wild, rambling, desert garden 16 years ago, spearheading a trend that's become a vital part of our new water-conscious culture.

Crime Pays
By Stewart Weiner.
Burn Notice
creator and Bermuda Dunes native Matt Nix transforms the criminally challenged misfits from his childhood into cutting-edge television shows.


Editor's Letter
By Kent Black.
Welcome to Our Animal Kingdom.

The Front
- Photography - By Lisa Marie Hart.
Shades of Gray.
- Sports - By Steven Biller.
Four Beckham wannabes hit the links. Fashion sense not included.
- Travel - By Arianna Menon.
Travel expert Chuck Weisbart tells readers how to stuff it.

Home Of The Month
By Madeline Ewles. Photography by Lance Gerber.
With 12-foot-high walls and massive double doors, the Factor estate is one of the most private homes in the desert.

Market Watch
By Vic Cooper and Mike McDonald.
A reliance by banks on "ultrasafe" loans when "safe" would do has caused an unwelcome deceleration in the real estate market.

Social Life
By Gloria Greer.
Parties, fundraisers, galas, and other social events.

By Sherryl Nova.
Find out what the planets have in store for you this month.


Pet Life
Our newest publication celebrates the Greater Palm Springs area pet-centricity.

The Guide
Edited by Arianna Menon.
The official guidebook of the Greater Palm Springs Convention and Visitors Bureau.