Palm Springs Life Magazine August 2009

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ON THE COVER - CSI producer/director Richard J. Lewis. Photography by Jon Edwards.


Leaving the Crime Scene
By Robert Julian. Photography by Jon Edwards.
Richard J. Lewis of CSI makes his move from television to the big screen.

Shooting the Desert
By Scott Brassart.
Local filmmakers set the stage for future features.

Sister Act
By Robert Julian. Photography by Rick Szczechowski.
Dela Zimmer and Elizabeth Dreyfuss return to their Old World theatrical roots.

Going for Shipshape
By Ann Japenga.
Riverside County plans to restore glory to the long-abandoned North Shore Yacht Club.


Editor’s Letter
By Steven Biller.
The desert attracts people in the entertainment business — and those who simply enjoy being entertained.

By Janice Kleinschmidt.
Painting watercolors based on historical photographs, Panera Bread, grilled donuts, Intelligencer, and more.

The Social Life
By Gloria Greer.
Parties, openings, fundraisers, and other events.

By Sherryl Nova.
Solar year holds promise for the country.


Desert Guide
Edited by Janice Kleinschmidt.
The official guidebook of the Palm Springs Desert Resorts Convention and Visitors Authority. Everything you need to know about what’s happening in the desert.