Palm Springs Life Magazine August 2002

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ON THE COVER - Sidney Sheldon, Mary Sheldon (left) and Lizy Dastin share their desert pleasures. Photo by Mark Edward Harris.


Speaking with the Sheldons
Photography by Mark Edward Harris.
Novelist Mary Sheldon talks with her famous father and teen-age daughter about their great escapes to Palm Springs.

Love and War
By Gloria Greer.
Myra MacPherson, a former Washington Post journalist, showed us how Vietnam affected our families.

"I Know What it's Like to be Less than Zero'
By Allison Block.
David Pelzer parlayed his miserable childhood into humorous but helpful tales of hope and forgiveness.

Mother Land
By Nelson Aspen.
"Delivering a healthy German child is serious business," we learn in this excerpt from the forthcoming Sacred Blood.

A Modern Cinderella
By Chantessy Safira. Illustration by Stuart Funk.
What's old is new again in this eighth-grader's take on a classic fairy tale.

From Amistad to the Brave New World
By Robert Schofield.
Imposing and inspiring, Benjamin Netanyahu leaves this young writer with many more questions about the future.