Palm Springs Life Magazine August 1998

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ON THE COVER - What could be more relaxing on a hot August day than this beautiful cover by Arthur Coleman, taken in 1993 at the opening of the Oasis Waterpark in Palm Springs? We'd say more but, hey, we're beat.


Love Letters in the Sand
For years this was the desert's real dress code: Bathing suit required. What else would you expect from an area where the sun shine 350 days a year? Take a nostalgic trip through the PSL archives as we reminisce about the swimsuits that have put Palm Springs on the map. Running the gamut from scantily-clad movie stars to those unknowns you wish you knew better, this photo feature is a keeper.

Raven Maniacs
Text and photography by Michael Tennesen.
The local scavenging blackbirds turn out to be responsible parents and monogamous lovers. And yet their predatory habits haven't made them many friends in the desert. Get upfront and personal with this new bird population that is muscling its way into our eco-system and read about the consequences of the fowl's staying power.