Palm Springs Life Magazine April 1998

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ON THE COVER — Can just one image sum up 40 years of extraordinary publishing ? We didn't think so, either. We asked Palm Springs computer artist Hal Lester (last seen in the October 1997 issue) to weave some of our more famous covers into an in-your-face celebration. He chose this 3-D imagery, a way to look forward and backward at the same time.


You Saw It In Palm Springs Life
Take a nostalgic trip through four decades of ultra lifestyle. We've culled some of the best photos, most relevant stories and proudest moments and created a mosaic we hope stirs memories.

Too Much of a Good Thing is....Wonderful!
By Howard Johns. Photography by Arthur Coleman. The Casa de Liberace remains one of the most lavish examples of Palm Springs libertine architecture. And a heck of a party house. Until this month, few outsiders got in for a peek.

Suited to Danger
Photography by Richard Reinsdorf, Winston West. How much excitement can swimsuits stand? We put them to the test in this armed and dangerous fashion layout.