OASIS Music Festival - 2022 Official Event Poster, Illustration by SHAG

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"The Instrumentalist," by artist Josh Agle (SHAG), was created to commemorate the inaugural Oasis Music Festival, a citywide music event held in Palm Springs, May -11 -15, 2022 in Palm Springs, California. Proceeds from the festival will benefit "Save The Plaza Theater," a movement formed to restore an historic theater in the heart of downtown Palm Springs. The artist adapted the poster artwork from a series of 8 x 10-inch drawings to create a striking visual capturing the spirit of the music festival. To represent a sense of place, SHAG integrated the iconic roadrunner which he often includes in his paintings as a sort of "character mascot" for Palm Springs. See original paintings by SHAG at The SHAG Store, 745 N. Palm Canyon Drive in Palm Springs Uptown Design District.

SIZE: 18 x 24