Home+Design Fall 2019

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Home+Design Fall 2019

Editor's Letter and Pick
The Lite-Brite of outdoor furnishings. When seeing spots is a good thing.


Pillow Talk
News worth whispering about.

Chef's spaces inside five-star vacation rentals relieve the stress of holiday hosting.

It's a complete white out as Vola introduces a new finish to its 1960s line.

A first glimpse at new rugs fashioned in the world's cultural weaving meccas.

Coffee Table
An interior designer disguises a nondescript 1980s house as a custom contemporary home. Sean Gaston knows a custom home doesn't have to start out as one.

If Kristi Hanson's elliptical room divider seems fishy, it's because occasionally an aquarium is just the thing to make one room feel like two.


Cody At Last
Sometimes the provenance of a structure is so obscured by time it is unrecognizable. Then the right people come along to restore and rediscover it.

The Case for Black
New owners of this fastselling spec home rejected the postulate that dark colors are best avoided in the desert.

Living the Homesteader Life
The founder of Homestead Modern selects his own homestead cabin - and reimagines it for the modern era.


Featured in This Issue
Where to find what you love.

At his cabin near Pioneertown, Dave McAdam steps out among the boulders - the very elements that attracted him to the rugged acreage. Read his story on page 50.
Photograph by Lance Gerber.