GuestLife Monterey Bay 2016

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The Annual Softcover Issue - GuestLife Monterey Bay:


Explore - Case Files: A Hidden World
Imagine Arizona's Grand Canyon. Now, imagine it submerged. That's Monterey Bay's Blue Canyon - a beguiling landscape unlike any other, filled with creatures never seen before. Look at what's been found.

Drink - The Un-Chardonnay Chardonnay
Chardonnays from Monterey are breaking the oaky, buttery American standard. This new breed of juicy marvelousness may even convince an anti- Chardonnayer to pour a second glass.

Eat - The Hungry Traveler
Repeat after us: I will not go hungry while in Monterey Bay, a region known as "America's salad bowl," on the shores of a seafood-filled ocean. We've shared our favorite culinary adventures, dining rooms with a view, seafood places, and local joints. Raise your forks!


- Real

The Lay Of The Land
Use this map for getting around.

You Art Here
The lowdown on six of the main towns of Monterey. Which one is right for you?

The 2016 Hot List
25 Monterey-only experiences to make you smile.

- Cheat Sheets

What Are You Doing Tomorrow?
A 9-page guide on how to expertly navigate galleries, golf, hikes, and beaches. & Dare List, 13 adventures for those who like to push their limits.

- Being Savvy

Spirited Horses
In Carmel Valley, an unusual horse experience and other secret activities.

Better Than A Photo
Rather than click to capture, why not paint it?

Did You Remember To Bring The Dog?
Two dogs tell all, mostly about how Carmel is pretty pup friendly.

- Being Boho

Slow Down
The best places to unwind and recharge are right down the road.

1950s: The Written & Painted Coast
Bohemians came to the region in the 1950s seeking inspiration. Drive into the "past" to see what they saw.

2016: The Re-Written & Spray-Painted Coast
Artists are still flocking to the region despite the rising cost of living.

- Guide to the Greatest

Coastal Chic

Where To Eat

Peninsula Guide

Advertisers Index

- In Every Issue

Editor's Note

Before You Go
Here are a few treasures to buy and bring home.

The beautiful coastline of Big Sur.
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