Arts+Culture 2023

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Arts + Culture Winter-Spring 2023

Editor's Letter

Must-See Art
Feast your eyes on colorful lights, surprising sculptures, and a world of fine art throughout Greater Palm Springs.
Story by Steven Biller

Meet Your Inner Artist
This is where aspiring artists learn skills and let their creativity run wild.
Story by John Grafman
Photography by Brandon Harman

A Band of Brothers
The Indio-based cover band Avenida Music is singing an entrepreneurial tune with their Little Street Music Hall.
Story by Amanda Ulrich
Photography by Brandon Harman

All You Can See
Here's the skinny on another big, fat Modernism Week.
Story by Lisa Marie Hart

Welcome to The Stage
Five productions making their McCallum debut will have audiences singing and laughing.
Story by Jeremy Kinser

Up With The Curtains!
Local stages produce high drama, dark comedy, popular musicals, and clever surprises.

Everybody Dance Now
Nickerson-Rossi celebrates a decade of smooth moves.

Phillip K. Smith III (page 14) is known for his massive artworks made with mirrors and brightly colored LEDs, but early in his 20-year exploration of light and shadow, the Palm Desert-based artist created this series of Cylinders with wooden stakes. See how they all tie together in Phillip K. Smith III: Light + Change, a mid-career survey of the Smith's work, through May 7, 2023, at Palm Springs Art Museum.