Palm Springs Life Magazine April 2011

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ON THE COVER - The Retreat at Sunnylands Visitor Center. Photo by Mark Davidson.


"Nothing Held Us Back"
By Ann Japenga. Photography by Tom Brewster.
The legendary Stonemasters conquered grueling climbs at Tahquitz and Suicide rocks.

Sunday Nights at the Chef Fights
By Donna Curran. Photography by Jon Edwards.
When the desert's top chefs battle in Rancho Mirage, foodies win the bounty.

From The Top Down
By Robert Julian.
In the new desert architecture, style coexists with function and sustainability.

Design of the Times
By Joan Page McKenna and Morris Newman.
Beyond the pink walls denoting Sunnylands, a 21st century visitor center reflects the sensibilities of the estate's former residents - Walter and Lenore Annenberg.

A Touch of Tuscany
By Jan Silver Maguire.
Toscana Country Club re-creates the timeless charm of the Italian countryside.


Editor's Letter
By Steven Biller.
Where few have gone before.

By Steven Biller and Janice Kleinschmidt.
Earth Through a Lens, Hyatt Grand's personal tequila, Lori Weiner, and The Ritz at Barkingham Palace.

By Patrick Devereux.
The Bentley Mulsanne packs power behind the stereo - and behind the wheel.

By Steven Biller.
In Vancouver, a world-class public art exhibition inspires locals and lures jet-setting collectors.

By Ellen Paris.
Expert advises caution: "Green" trend could fizzle like tech stocks.

By Adam Zack.
Some serious wines hide behind funny labels.

The Social Life
By Gloria Greer.
Parties, openings, fundraisers, and other events.

By Sherryl Nova.
Amid unrest, some could enjoy their best month.


Senior Living
A guide to senior services and accommodations. Plus: HealthGrades' top desert nursing homes and home health care agencies.

Palm Springs life's Desert Guide
Edited by Mona de Crinis.
The official guidebook of the Palm Springs Desert Resort Communities Convention and Visitors Authority. Everything you need to know about what's happening in the desert.