Palm Springs Life Magazine April 2000

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ON THE COVER - The desert's reputation for all of our glorious spas is spreading across the world. This month we catch up with all the developments - a complete chart of all the spas and their offerings; a history of the valley's healing powers; a rundown on the rubdown business and a Spa Guide for the reluctant male. Photography at Spa Las Palmas of trainer/physical culturist Joe DiBello by Robert Reiff/MagicLight Productions.


Glass Housing
By Sam Hall Kaplan. Photography by David Glomb.
An imago is the adult, idealized image. Famed architecture critic Kaplan takes an adult and idealized look at Imago Galleries, a new art showplace in Palm Desert that's really a boutique museum. David Glomb's images capture the beauty of the gallery's famed glassworks.

Juarez and Remembrance
By Allison Block.
The desert's prominent art philanthropist this month bequeaths a large donation to our valued Palm Springs Desert Museum. Meet the generous man - art dealer, raconteur, gadfly - behind the gifts.

Tops in Our Book
Photography by John Waggaman.
Every year Palm Springs Life and Fashion Group International stage a Tabletop Competition, in which desert designers vie to see who can dress up the dining room most stylishly. Today's hostess take note: There are many wonderful ideas here you can lift.

Living Rooflessly
By Susie Coelho. Photography by David Glomb.
Outdoor living is the hallmark of desert life. Read how various homeowners in the valley adapt to this indoor-outdoor living.


Palm Springs Life's Guide To Desert Spas

The Healing Power of the Desert
By Sharon Apfelbaum. Photography by Robert Reiff/MagicLight Productions.
Native Americans started the trend: taking to the waters of Palm Springs to heal what ailed the body. Soon settlers followed, lured by the reputation of the warm springs beneath the desert sands. Historian Apfelbaum follows the trend to the present.

The Cowardly Guy's Guide to Desert Spas
By Amy Williams. Photography by Robert Reiff/MagicLight Productions.
Ritz-Carlton fitness trainer Joe DiBello takes the plunge into some of the more accessible treatments available to the male of the species. Courage!

Desert Spa Directory
Compiled and edited by Sally LaPorte.
Who's doing what to whom where. The complete picture of desert health.

The Lowdown on the Rubdown
By Allison Block. Photography by Robert Reiff/MagicLight Productions.
Next time you get a massage, you'll know after reading this exactly what went into the training and preparation by your masseuse and masseur. (Hint: They're not giving away licenses.)