Palm Springs Life Magazine March 1999

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ON THE COVER - Senator John Glenn, no worse for wear, is suited up and ready to alight on the desert floor this month. He's landing to regale a Gala audience about his historic flights in outer space. The details of his appearance, on behalf of Eisenhower Medical Center, appear on page 44. Photo: NASA.


Visitors from Outer Space
What could possibly bring eight astronauts down to earth in the desert? It's not as big a mystery as Area 51.


Off To See The Wizard...
Photography by David Glomb.
Welcome to the former desert home of Frank Morgan, the actor who played the kindly Wizard of Oz. Interior designer Ed Killam has gone over the rainbow in his re-design.

Demand Supplied
By Sarah Hagerty.
Travel along Perez Road and Cook Street and meet some of the desert interior designers' most creative suppliers.

Art for Living
By Joyce Sunila. Photography by Terry Long Imagery.
How three serious art collectors live with their choices.

Desert Reincarnation
By Andrew LeGros. Photography by Ethan Kaminsky.
The desert has become famous for its resale, consignment and antique stores. Here's the grand tour.